Think Pipeline: Leveraging Data for Your Campaigns

When launching a campaign or embarking on a new marketing initiative, one of the first hurdles that businesses often encounter is that of data. What data should be used? Where will it come from? Is there a need to make additional investments in acquiring fresh datasets? Let's dive into these questions and unveil how Think Pipeline addresses them.

The Data Dilemma

In the digital era, data stands as the backbone of nearly every successful campaign. The quality of data utilized can make or break a marketing strategy. Most businesses grapple with the dilemma of sourcing reliable data. They often wonder if they need to purchase new data sets to give their campaigns a fighting chance. The good news for our clients is that with Think Pipeline, the answer to that concern is a resounding "No".

Our Rich Data Heritage

Over the past decade, Think Pipeline has been meticulously constructing its internal database. It's not just any database; it's a goldmine. We hold crucial account information, decision-makers' details, contact specifics, and much more. But our data's value doesn't stop there. We don't merely collect data; we enrich it.

By "enrich," we mean that our database contains broader intellect associated with these accounts. This can range from details about existing hardware setups, the security tools currently in use, to the end-of-life details for specific equipment. In the age of cloud computing, knowing a business's cloud roadmaps is invaluable – and yes, our database has that covered too.

Imagine launching a campaign with all this knowledge at your fingertips. By leveraging our enriched data, our clients have a competitive edge right from the start. This wealth of information ensures that your campaigns are not just shot in the dark but are laser-targeted initiatives backed by comprehensive data.

Compliance and Data Security

In today's world, holding data is a responsibility. With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, businesses are mandated to maintain rigorous standards of data privacy and protection. We recognize the weight of this responsibility, which is why our data undergoes regular GDPR checks. This ensures that every piece of information we hold and every campaign we execute is in strict compliance with GDPR rules. Our clients can rest easy knowing that their campaigns aren't just data-rich but also adhere to international compliance standards.


In conclusion, while the world becomes more data-driven each day, the key to a successful campaign isn't just data – it's the right data. With Think Pipeline, you're not just getting data; you're gaining access to over a decade's worth of enriched and compliant information. So, before you set sail on your next campaign, remember that with us, you're already several steps ahead. Say goodbye to data dilemmas and hello to data-driven success!