TBT Marketing solves lead-gen challenges with link to Think Pipeline

Given the opportunity to drive end-user lead-gen for a global IT vendor, TBT Marketing joined forces with Think Pipeline to create a full-service campaign management and delivery, from first outreach to qualified leads.

The Challenge

TBT Marketing builds deep relationships with each of its clients, working as part of a single, integrated team.

When an international client expressed frustration with its end-customer lead-gen campaigns and asked for help, how could TBT Marketing deliver

high-quality lead-gen at scale – and at short notice?

The Solution

By building a partnership with Think Pipeline, TBT Marketing and Think Pipeline created a full-service lead-gen campaign, from first outreach to confirmed sales appointments, scaled up from a pilot to full production in just weeks. TBT Marketing worked with Think Pipeline to design the initial pilot campaign and managed the workflow.

Think Pipeline deliver

high-quality leads, in volume, that matched the vendor criteria.

The Results

Think Pipeline has generated several hundred confirmed sales appointments, valued at several million pounds of potential revenue to the client in just a few months. TBT Marketing and Think Pipeline were able to demonstrate a clear return on investment, and Think Pipeline is now running up to six lead-generation campaigns each quarter for TBT Marketing’s client.

The Detail

As a full-service agency, TBT Marketing focuses on creating long-term client relationships, developing integrated, strategic campaigns across the marketing mix.

Dan Blake, Client Strategy Director at TBT Marketing, remarks, “During a regular progress review, a global IT vendor client expressed dissatisfaction with their end-user lead-gen capabilities. While TBT Marketing understood the challenge, the volume and timing would require significant execution capabilities. But we knew that by combining delivery skills from the right partner with our campaign guidance, we could transform this client’s lead-gen results.” Dan Blake narrowed the client’s lead-gen issue to a key challenge: gaining confirmed sales appointments.

He continues, “There are so many descriptions of a qualified lead, and often these rely on judgement rather than fact. For example, you might judge “downloaded a product brochure” as a marketing-qualified lead, or “took a five-minute call” as a sales-qualified lead. Those measures, though, tend to get rejected by salespeople. Our ultimate objective was to find prospects who are actively looking to buy and connect them directly with salespeople. Setting confirmed sales appointments as our benchmark would give us a clear metric, would be accepted by the sales teams, and would enable the client to test the return on investment by measuring revenue results.”

To add to the lead-gen challenge, though, the client did not possess a suitable prospect database.

TBT Marketing set out to find and select a lead-gen partner with IT sector sales skills, access to potential end-user buyers, and the ability and experience to take on the challenge of setting confirmed sales appointments.

Building a lead-generation partnership

Searching through possible lead-gen providers, Dan Blake looked for a partner that understood the desire for confirmed sales appointments, was prepared to commit to ambitious targets, and would work in an open-book relationship with both TBT Marketing and the client.

“While many lead-gen companies swear they have the best agents, the best data, and the best results, we prefer to discover if the talk is as good as the walk with a pilot campaign. Working on a pilot tells you if the partner is easy to work with, and if they are committed to overcoming the inevitable challenges to provide a great service to the client,” says Dan Blake.

“Think Pipeline delivered on both counts, committing to results for confirmed sales appointments using the

B.A.N.T. methodology and establishing a really, really good working relationship with TBT Marketing and the client. Think Pipeline used their extensive end-user database, and demonstrated that they understand the nature of the IT industry, with the nuances and challenges end-users face. The Think Pipeline agents are closer in style to IT consultants than salespeople, and the lead quality was far greater than simply ticking boxes for MQLs or SQLs.”

Think Pipeline contacted end-user prospects, collected key details such as budget and authority, and concluded the conversations with confirmed sales appointments. In many cases, Think Pipeline speaks with the prospect several times, building a longer-term trusted relationship and forming a complete picture of the prospects situation, which often proves valuable during the sales calls themselves.

“We rapidly established a simple, smooth process for delivering the confirmed appointments and data to the client, to ensure that the salespeople had everything they needed,” says Dan Blake. “Naturally, creating this kind of partnership contains a degree of risk, and I am glad to say that Think Pipeline fully justified our confidence.

Delivering lead-gen proof and genuine return on investment

Think Pipeline justified the confidence TBT Marketing placed in its skills, as demonstrated by the campaign results. Dan Blake comments, “Starting with the initial pilot campaign and continuing over subsequent months, Think Pipeline used its contact database to generate several hundred confirmed sales appointments. Though final figures are not disclosed, at modest conversion rates and typical sales values, the total revenue generated could be several million. On this basis the client will see significant return on investment, with continuing new business from these direct sales relationships.”

Alongside the metrics, Dan Blake reports the soft-side benefits of working with Think Pipeline: “As the campaign developed, we diversified to include channel sales partners, which naturally led to changes. Think Pipeline showed both patience and flexibility, and that it’s very much about partnership: how we collectively deliver against the objectives quickly and effectively, because that is what brings success to us, our client, and Think Pipeline.”

As the client evolves its marketing objectives, TBT Marketing will continue to adapt its offerings and delivery. Working with Think Pipeline has enabled TBT Marketing to create and scale a high-quality lead-gen service, presented as an integrated process from initial contact to confirmed sales appointments.

Dan Blake concludes, “We know that this is more than a single, isolated campaign success. Think Pipeline looks to the future, contributing insight on how the market is changing, and at all times helping TBT Marketing deliver enhanced client outcomes.

About Think Pipeline

Think Pipeline specialises in B2B lead and demand-generation services for the IT sector, covering the UK, Europe, USA, and Canada. Think Pipeline finds genuine, highly qualified sales opportunities to grow your business, building your new business sales pipeline, expanding your presence inside your existing customer base, developing your channel relationships, and more.

Many of Think Pipeline’s lead generation specialists are

multi-lingual conversationalists with business experience, able to talk to your prospects and customers to understand their pain points, deliver your proposition, and uncover opportunities. The result is high-value, fully qualified leads, that generate real business.

For more information, contact Think Pipeline or visit www.thinkpipeline.com

About TBT Marketing

TBT Marketing is an independent B2B marketing agency serving the IT industry, working with both global tech giants and challenger brands. The agency’s Future Focused approach offers clients sustainable solutions to traditional marketing strategies, designed to encourage the transition to carbon-neutral behaviours within the B2B marketing world.

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